Premium Payments

We are also able to provide you with an alternative for paying your insurance premium.

Premium Funding allows you to spread the cost of your annual premium over smaller more manageable monthly instalments. We can arrange a facility with a specialist premium funding company to spread the cost of your insurance premiums over 10 months or less.

  • Benefits of premium funding
  • Improves cash flow
  • Frees up working capital
  • Provides an additional line of credit
  • Interest costs are tax deductible
  • No additional guarantees required
  • Competitive interest rates

At no obligation to you will we prepare a premium funding quotation at your request. If all is in order and you wish to proceed with this option we will ask you to complete the particulars which we then submit to the premium funding company on your behalf. Once it has been approved the premium funding company will settle your premium to us and manage the repayments via your nominated back account.

DEFT premium payments

In conjunction with Macquarie Bank Limited, we are pleased to Introduce DEFT payment systems, which offers new time saving and convenient methods of paying your Insurance. Simply refer to your Invoice and each of the below options are available to you to.

DEFT premium payments